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The Undertaker & His Friends

The Undertaker & His Friends
(New Sins of the Old West Book One)
(Released 06.12.2017)

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New Sins of the Old West is not a bodice ripper. There are no fair maidens. No affable cowboys riding off into the the sunset. No outlaws with a heart of gold. New Sins of the Old West is dark, toothless and queer.

“I first came to Bodie chocked full of good intentions and love in my heart, just like everyone else. Sure, I had a healthy thirst for bullion, but you show me anyone who didn’t. Ain’t no reason to come to Bodie otherwise. Not like anyone is going to make it as a farmer out here. Bodie’s all about mining and gambling and drugging and whoring. And thank God for that. Bodie ain’t got nothing to offer nobody but false promises and unregulated lust.” – Tucker Strand (Local derelict, mass murderer.)