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The Whole Beast

The Whole Beast (Released 04.21.2015)

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“He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.” – Jonathan Swift

Camrose Rose considered himself to be many things, but a bold man he was not.

In another place, in another life, Camrose might have been an innkeeper, an antiques dealer, a sommelier or tea monger; nothing less than a man of elegance and quiet sophistication. The type of individual who stands out against their chosen backdrop – be it a quaint little coastal community nestled along the East Coast or deep in the heart of California wine country – someone you might read about in an airline magazine or in the lifestyles section of your local newspaper.

And you might, just maybe, envy him.

Unfortunately for Mr. Rose, he remained firmly planted in the here and now, standing about in a small patch of woods in the drizzling rain, preparing to film a local news piece on wild truffles. He felt spectacularly unenviable.

But that’s the thing about those days that change your life forever; they rarely begin demonstrably. Teeth need brushing, pets need feeding; the thousand tiny rituals that make up the day must be adhered to. Only when one is firmly entrenched in the comfortable familiarity of day-to-day life can the proverbial rug be swept out from underfoot.

It wasn’t long before the news crew realized they were not alone.

They say that every meal is an adventure, and isn’t that just the offal truth?